For the Record:
Our Work with the US Healthcare and Nonprofit Communities

Reporting on Our Relationships

No physician, researcher or healthcare company works in a silo. We need each other—and many others—to help move healthcare forward.

For our part, we work with members of the healthcare community—treating physicians, clinical researchers, patients, professional associations and advocacy groups, etc.— who are close to patients and understand both diseases and treatments. This collaboration is vital to our mission to help people do more, feel better and live longer. 

This collaboration may involve compensation for work performed, reimbursement for travel expenses, modest hospitality, a charitable donation, or a grant. These are considered “transfers of value.” They are not intended to influence anyone’s work. Rather, they represent fair market value compensation for work conducted by qualified professionals and institutions, reimbursement of reasonable expenses, and modest hospitality such as food while attending a business or educational meeting that occurs during normal meal hours. These transfers of value also might be a charitable donation or a grant intended to contribute to improved patient care.

We report these payments here. GSK was one of the first pharmaceutical companies to voluntarily disclose information about our work with physicians—in fact, we’ve reported the fees we’ve paid for speaking and consulting since 2009 and have reported payments to institutions and lead investigators for assisting with clinical research studies since 2010.  

We announced in December 2013 ( that we will stop paying healthcare professionals outside the company to speak on behalf of our medicines and vaccines. We will increase our focus on alternative approaches that allow us to continue to provide appropriate information about our medicines and vaccines to healthcare professionals. These changes will be in place by the start of 2016.

We will continue to provide appropriate fees for services to healthcare professionals for GSK-sponsored clinical research, advisory activities and market research. These activities are essential to provide us with insights on specific diseases; identification of symptoms and diagnosis; application of clinical trial data or medication dosage and administration; and how to effectively and appropriately communicate the benefits and risks of its medicines to help meet patient needs.

Our reporting is consistent with our company values to demonstrate transparency (openness), respect, integrity, and a clear focus on the best interests of patients in all that we do. One way we demonstrate transparency is by providing visibility to and information about our interactions with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations.

These values guide us as we research, develop, manufacture, and promote our medicines and vaccines to the healthcare professionals and patients we serve. 

For detail on the types of payments made and how we report them, see the About the Reports Section.